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The new “Classic” by Playtoy

The newest work of the Playtoy Orchestra

It is called ‘Classic’ that is the second record of the Playtoy Orchestra, the Sannita band, which since 2002 has been playing school toys. After filming the world with his repertoire of Lounge Music, now the group of Vitulano (Benevento), who also performed at the Comicon in Naples with a short show, brings to the venues a new disc and a way to make it known Classical music that is fun and promises director and founder Fabrizio Cusani, ” will help children from 2 to 120 years to enter a way too often considered far and difficult, which can be in the reach of everyone, Like a toy, just ”. “Instruments” cheerful with special sounds for a three hundred and sixty degree music offering: Rossini and Morricone, Beethoven in samba sauce, Johann Strauss and Mozart, Pinocchio’s theme and “Godfather” by Nino Rota, Brahms mixed with the Barber of Seville Giuseppe Verdi, Cajkovski with the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, “to remind us,” Fabrizio adds, “that in many languages” play “and” play “translate with the same verb”.

To say the band plays Bontempi instruments, so tiny plastic battery, a toy piano that does not have polyphony (ie it offers the possibility to play one button at a time, maximum two), cardboard accordion, organs that change the height of the sounds to Changing their battery charge, but especially a whole series of real toys that can make sounds, ‘like a flying balloon, the piglets grunts on offer at the autogrill, the wheels that are on the stalls. Any puppet with whistle, or battery-pack that sounds sounds and has attracted the curiosity of the band finds it cleverly played in the disk. The Playtoy Orchestra traveled with its toy armory from Portugal to Tunisia, from Colombia to South Korea, from Luxembourg to Albania, from France to Poland, from Switzerland to Bulgaria. The Band duced live with Rai with the Little Choir of the Antonian and with the Rai Orchestra and participated in numerous other television and radio broadcasts. In addition to Cusani, Jacopo Cerulo, Gianpasquale Cusano, Roberto Polcino, Giorgio Stefanelli, Antonio Maria Boscaino, Massimiliano Maresta, Fabiano Fasoli and Marco Pietrantonio.

“With the Playtoy experience – says Fabrizio Cusani – a new chapter on the relationship between music and toys is being written: for the first time, they play together 20 different toys with an ear aimed at creating pleasant, enjoyable music. The greatest satisfaction for us is that the audience of our shows, after the initial surprise (also emerged by playing a drummer of a meter and ninety on a 30-inch plastic drum, with other adult musicians playing gummy puppets or cars Rumpling) is said to be pleased with the quality of the arrangements and the originality of the sounds. Often, then, we do not realize that certain musical choices and certain original arrangements are dictated by the limits of our “instruments”.


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