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Meet the Director

Fabrizio Cusani

Playtoy Orchestra, the Sannita band who has been playing in the world playing solo toys, launches its new “Classic” record, 12 tracks that contain 18 themes from planetary breath. The Orchestra moves from Vitulano-Benevento and after filming the world with its Music Music repertoire, now brings a new record in the venues of the show and a way of making classical music that will be fun and able to help children, 2 to 120 years old, to enter a way too often considered far away and difficult, which can be in the reach of everyone, like a toy, precisely. “Instruments” cheerful by the wonderful sounds for a three hundred and sixty degree music offering: Rossini and Morricone, Beethoven in samba sauce, Johann Strauss and Mozart, Pinocchio’s theme and “Godfather” by Nino Rota, Brahms mixed with the Barber of Seville Giuseppe Verdi, Cajkovski with the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, to remind us that in many languages ​​”play” and “play” translate with the same verb.


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