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Groovy lounge themes

The first lounge-music album in the world played with toy-instruments by the Playtoy Orchestra !

“The first difficulty I bumped into while directing the “Playtoy Musical Lab” was to keep my 12 nephews and nieces away from our instruments! Brave and tough was, thereafter, the work of adjustment of professional musicians to toy-instruments which had originally been conceived and designed for kids ‘playing. They were so small and had such a limited range of sounds!

Moreover, in battery-toy-instruments, the sound pitch was dependent upon the battery charge level… it was quite hard to keep pace! Also, the guitar tuning was very susceptible to touch, and, in pianos, you cannot play more than one key at a time. Not to mention that the amplification of our toy-instruments was something more than an enterprise! Despite all difficulties, the “Playtoy Music Lab” never stopped working and innovating, It’s been 13 years now since its foundation, in 2002.

The extravagant sounds produced by this wide range of instruments, the creative mood all musicians shared in my home studio in 2002, led me without any doubt towards a brilliant instrumental genre, the Lounge Music, in which arrangements ended up enhanced and melodies had an immediate grip on both children and grown-ups, on music experts and amateurs.


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