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The musicians

The toy-instruments played by They come from Southern Italy (Benevento), but their sound has travelled far and wide. Among their Italian and foreign destinations, we can mention: Luxemburg, Porto, Bogotà, Seoul, Tirana, Grenoble, Nice, Cartage, Tunis, Montpellier, Sofia, Rome, Neaples, Palermo, Milan, Udine, Bologna, Benevento.
Fabrizio Cusani
Director. Voice, Slide whistle, xylo-piano.
Giorgio Stefanelli (organ)
Antonio Maria Boscaino (bass-guitar)
Massimiliano Maresta (hard-paper drums; plastic trumpets)
Gianpasquale Cusano (whistling puppets, percussions)
Roberto Polcino (hard-paper accordion)
Jacopo Cerulo (organ, little “Charlie Brown” piano)
Substitutes musicians;
The Playtoy family also includes: Marco Pietrantonio, Fabiano Fasoli, Carmine Turilli, Mario Varriale, Fabio Frattasi, Gianluca Grasso, Lorenzo d’Amelio, Giulio Vetrone, Carmine Viglione, Piernicola Pedicini (now member of the European Parliament), Alan Iotti, Albino Iannace, Italo Mastrobuoni, Maurizio Calabrese.
Thanks to all of them for what they have done till now to help the PTO to grow!

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